Chinese Action Artist of 90’s

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This paper will use the basic principles of visual arts and film study to discuss two main Chinese artists in the 90s. The artists are Ma Liuming and Zhang Huan (Sullivan 23).
As an artist, Ma Liuming is popular for his exploration and poetry and power of public nudity in the Chinese society, where such behaviors were under strict restriction. Due to this, Liuming has always been a target to the Chinese legislative and judicial representatives. Most of his works are categorized under pornography. Most of the Asian nations are considered moral because of the existing laws restricting people from the facilitation of any form of immoral behaviors or actions. Most of Liuming’s works, analyzed in the psychological manner facilitate, to the, highest level possible immorality among people. Exposing one’s body parts including the private parts definitely facilitates immoral thinking that forms a leeway to sexual immorality. For instance, his first performance, Fen-Ma Liuming’s Lunch 1 where he sat completely nude as he sucked plastic tube that was attached to his penis (Sullivan 67). This behaviors and according the moral standards of the Chinese community, is definitely unacceptable since it possibly promotes illegal or immoral sexual practices among the Chinese children and grownups, as well. This automatically led to his arrest in 1994. His works were mostly categorized as pornographic since they facilitated sexual desires in individuals, especially among the unmarried teenagers. The performance personage of this artist is Fen. Ma Liuming, which is a nude transgender creation. Fen Ma Liuming is created with a woman’s face and a man’s body. Fen produces an arresting visual outcome challenging the Chinese art convention, individual and society, as well. Liuming’s ingenuity and remarkable creativity are quite thrilling since they were developed and created in a vacuum consisting of rigid social repression and conformity. His performances address the questions of sexuality and gender, existing ambiguity between female and male, and actuality and appearance which he believes are in existence in everyone. To summarize, Ma Liuming was a good artist, but not for a society where morality was accentuated. Artists are meant to serve a similar role as those done by literature artists. Their roles are to handle or expose some of the hidden evil practices among the people, such as corruption, rape and totalitarianism. Ma Liuming tries to bring to light the existing serious gender issues in China but the people are adamant and pretends that they are aware of anything wrong. That’s why he gets arrested by the authorities, who are all men. In short, Ma Liuming supports women and wants the end of oppression against them (Sullivan 73). Zhang Huan is also a Chinese artist. Unlike, Ma Liuming, he based in two major stations, New York and Shanghai. He is a performance artist but also majors in photography and sculptures. His works, unlike those of Ma Liuming, were ironically and sarcastically aimed at creating a better society free of political regimes and oppression, plights of expatriates in the existing new global culture, as well as the persistent structure of faith in various communities as undermined by background violent conflicts. His first work of art was 12 square meters. Here, Zhang’s mains idea is to portray to the viewers the problems and challenges that affect China as a result of overpopulation. The performance is about his