Childhood reflection

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It was all doom to me how a child was being conceived, I had tried to imagine but had not obtained the most appropriate answer. I remember one asking my mom whether she could be ‘buying’ another child. She ignored my question a and I quickly forgot after she digressed and engaged me intensively with another topic. Surprisingly, while at lower grade, none of my friends seemed to understand what exactly reproduction was all about. Seeing animals give birth was not much of evidence to us that humans also do the same. One day, as we were talking with my friend Talia way back in Grade 3, she talked about how her mother’s stomach had become huge within a matter of days. Due to our ignorance, I just requested her to ask her what was happening. Sure enough, she asked her but the response she got was not satisfactory. We did not immediately realize that she had cheated her that she was fattening.
Before Talia’s mother had delivered, the same happened to my mother. This time round, I had become more exposed and wanted to know what exactly was happening. Though I did not give it a deep though, my desire to know could be aroused at times. I was so close to my dad but I feared asking him such a thing. A week before Talia’s mother gave birth, that is when the understanding of what was happening to her dawned to her. With the excitement, she came straight to me and said, Today dad told me that my mum is expecting a baby. She went to explain to me that her mother had been pregnant. This made us to be curious to know what the whole aspect of pregnancy encompassed. Our first stop was in the dictionary that was right in the school’s library. As children aged eight, we were conversant with the term pregnancy. Despite this understanding, we did not clearly understand what the process of reproduction was all about. At the