Child Observation

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For the rest of this paper, I shall call this child X. It was 10: 30 am, and was mid time break for 30 minutes in the school in Los Angeles. The bell had just rung and children were rushing out of their classes to get to the canteen. The child, X was in the canteen, stating in a queue between P and Q waiting for his turn to get some sweets. From the age of my nephew being his class fellow, I could guess X’s age to be 7 years. He was average height with green eyes. He wore white shirt and grey shorts, and had a messed up hair. O, P, X, Q, and R made a queue in front of canteen / X slipped out and went to the Mimi (the maid for children) / Mimi took him to the bath room / X remained in the bath room / X came out. R had left / X stood behind N / Q left and M came behind X / X was standing in the queue in front of the canteen in front of M and behind N / X tried to cross three children in front of him, N, O, and P / P pushed X out of the queue, saying It’s my place. Go away you cheat! X said, I came before you. I had gone to the bathroom in between. P said, So you were out for the bathroom means you were out of it. Now go away. / X gave himself three slaps in the face, and started to cry / X slid in between the M and N / M pushed X out of his previous position / X said to M, You know you were behind me, don’t you? M said, Not after you got yourself outta here! / M kicked X in the buttocks / X lay on the floor / K, L, M, N, O, and P turned their heads towards X and said, Ho ho shame shame! Shame shame! Shame shame! / X got up and stood behind K. He was the last in the queue, sobbing with tears / X kept sobbing while P left the queue / X moved further while O left the queue / X stepped further when N left the queue. X had stopped sobbing / X stared at M while he bought the candies / M was done and moved past X / X protruded his leg to make M stumble. M watched in time and escaped the leg / X and M exchanged envious looks / L left the line, and K followed / X bought a Snickers / He threw the wrapper on the floor, and ran towards the ground / X occupied a bench, and ate up the chocolate / He drank water from his bottle / School bell rang after 30 minutes and X rushed towards the class room. While watching X, I had mixed feelings for him. I felt that he was learning important lessons of his life. I was surprised by the confidence of X as he did not go to the end of the line after being denied the position by P, and instead slid in between M and N, to enter into a new fight. This tells that X is not a sensitive person, so he will not be hurt much in life. I believe that X’s parents must have taken a very lenient approach in the Anal Stage of development of X as identified by Freud in (Cherry 3). That was the reason why X had developed a sort of anal-expulsive personality. I can tell this from the way X messed up with P and M. He was displaying a destructive behavior. Among the cognitive development stages identified by Piaget, X is in the concrete operational stage. This stage of cognitive development commences at the age of 7 years and sustains until the child turns 11. Children enhance their knowledge of various operations of the mind in this stage. They develop logic for concrete events, though they can not interpret hypothetical terms in this stage. In this case, X was not able to deduce the outcomes of standing in front