Child Development Need This Done Thursday May 14 2020 By 12pm PACIFIC TIME ZON

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APA FORMAT & NO WORK CITED PAGECHILD DEVELOPMENTEach Q. separate document!!!Answer the following questions. AND READ/ ANSWER EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!!!!Instructions:After viewing the videos (2-1) and presentation (2-2), you are to post a reflection on the following topic. Your answer should be exactly 250 words. The words “describe,” “define,” or “explain” will require you to add enough detail to your answer to clearly demonstrate an understanding of the construct (Use your own words!!! Do not copy from the text.). Use details and terms from the reading and presentation to support your answer. Also, keep in mind that simply using a word in a sentence does not demonstrate an understanding; using it in context does. For example, saying thatchildren should have access to divergent materialsdoes not show me that you know what is meant by the term divergent. Rather saying something such as the following does show an understanding of the term:Children should have access to divergent materials, such as ______, as they allow the child to explore the multiple ways the materials can be used.This use of the word divergent clearly indicates an understanding of the term. Be sure your definitions, descriptions, and answers are demonstrative of this level of awareness.Tips: Be sure to… include terminology and information gleaned from the videos and presentation provide examples to demonstrate your understanding (for instance, instead of saying the program uses natural materials, you should also provide examples of what these materials might be to show that you do understand what natural materials are) address all parts of the question organize your work clearlyRead the following below to answer the following questions.1. Videos (2-1) “Nurturing the Love of Learning: Montessori Education for the Preschool Years” Videos (2-1) “Denver Waldorf School for Early Childhood Curriculum” (2-1) “Waldorf Early Childhood Education” Videos (2-1) “Reggio Approach” Presentation (2-2) “The Waldorf Approach to ECE presentation” (FILE BELOW)6. Presentation (2-2) “The Montessori approach to ECE presentation” (FILE BELOW)7. Presentation (2-2) “The Reggio Emilia approach to ECE presentation” (FILE BELOW)Q1.(NO REFERENCE PAGE) Exactly 250 wordsSelect one of the three approaches and reflect upon the elements of the program including the environment, materials, and role of the teacher.Q2.(NO REFERENCE PAGE) Exactly 250 wordsSelect a different approach and reflect upon the elements of the program including the environment, materials, and role of the teacher.In Q2. select a different approach do not use the same approach from Q1.14/05/20202english