Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism Threat

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The Al Qaida and correlated terrorist groups have uttered a stern attention in using CBRN. The events of chlorine gas attacks in Iraq have clearly indicated the potential seriousness of the threats. There is always a likelihood of an asymmetric attack by terrorists utilizing chemical, biological or radiological weapons has become a reality. The augmentation in mass casualty terrorism and the mounting responsiveness that know-how is progressively more facilitating private performer to have admittance to extremely treacherous Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) material has contemplated the issue of CBRN terrorism progressively more important policy question.This developing menace must be considered as a serious issue as it directs our awareness, vigilance, preparation, education and guidance strategies. It is imperative to understand how to deal with the complex risk due to the ambiguity connected with the menace.With the present scenario, the successful execution and management necessitates synchronized efforts among stakeholders to influence possessions and proficiency to accomplish synergies in administrating the CRBN Threat. Protection necessitate a multi-dimensional approach.It is essential to recognize the growing need of awareness towards highly precarious Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CRBN). It has emerged as a vital policy question. The issue encompass multiple factors and a cognitive association between these factors is crucial to understand the preconditions of CBRN terrorism. Lack of appropriate database relating all the factors associated with CBRN terrorism is the need of time.