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Vonnegut believes of love as a principality to survival. He depicts that love makes an individual’s life meaningful and worth recounting. Moreover, affection that one possesses towards another can be treasured and expressed in many ways. In his short story, ‘A Long Walk to Forever’, Vonnegut portrays how conflict, sensitivity, and essential decency depict an individual’s character. This paper discusses in depth about Catharine and Newt in the short story ‘A Long Walk to Forever’. Essentially, it outlines their character traits, their perceptions, and values in life (Vonnegut 2). Newt is depicted as a shy person since although he loves Catherine, he does not confess his feelings to her until the last moment when she is about to get married in three weeks time (Vonnegut 2). Evidently, Newt is jealous since as he discovers that Catharine is getting married to another man, he quits from his job and confesses his love for her. Although he is late in making such a confession, he is determined to have Catharine for himself. He is persistent because as Catharine explains that it is impossible for them to have a life together, he still insists of an opportunity to prove his long hidden love for her. The short story uses the word AWOL to symbolize the absence Newt makes in his place of work. He sacrifices his work for the sake of love. He fails consider the consequences that will come along his illegality of quitting the army without any proper leave. Newt is also courageous since he does everything to get the love of his life. He risks his work for the sake of Catherine’s love. As a risk taker, he does not have a second thought in his actions. Catherine goes through a magazine with an aim of choosing a wedding dress. This symbolizes her vagueness in what she needs in life. She is undecided about the dress to wear on her wedding day. She is also undecided of which man to marry. On the other hand, Catharine is irresolute. For instance, she still has feelings for Newt though she is to get married to another man. Despite her denial towards Newt, deep inside her heart is immeasurable love for Newt. As they chat in the woods, Catharine bursts in tear which force Newt to ask, ‘What does that mean?’ in fear of confessing the truth about her love for him, Catharine replies, ‘If I’d loved you, I’d have let you know before’ (Vonnegut 4). Both characters are passionate since though their love is forbidden, they make are determined to realize their dream of being together. They kiss passionately and elope just a week before Catharine is to get married to another man. As evidenced from the short story, love conquers all. This is evidenced by the fact that both Catharine and Newt later find fulfillment in each other’s arms. Catharine gives up the man he is about to marry for her true love. On the other hand, Newt gives up his job for the sake of his love for Catharine. He never gives it a second thought when he quits the army. The two characters depict the triumph they endure as they walk towards their future together (Vonnegut 5). I once lost an opportunity in life when I once had feelings towards my best friend and lacked the courage to make the proposal. I felt devastated in life and lost hope in everything. I felt that I had completely lost the battle and nothing else was to be done to change things. I could not take myself face reality and express my feelings. My friend later left for another country, and I