Characteristics of Help Seeking Behaviors

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60% of Korean immigrant women reported that they have been beaten by their husbands. Among immigrant women, married ones have been found to be suffering from higher levels of sexual abuse and physical abuse, compared to unmarried women. Almost 60% of married women face abuse. less than 50% of unmarried women encounter abuse. Immigrant women who have native people as partners are under big risks as partners take advantage of the immigration status of women. Status of women as immigrants is a tool of control for their partners. People abuse, batter or put great control over their immigrant partners as immigrants are unable to break out because of their disadvantaged immigrant status. Unfortunate immigrant women are forced to remain in the relationship in spite of the troubles they face. They accept domestic violence as they do not have much access to social and legal services. Abusers and victims are of the belief that protections of the legal system are not available to immigrants. However, family court systems and criminal court systems do impact immigrant and refugee families.
Family and criminal court systems attempt to provide justice immigrant and refugee families. Immigrants and refugees being the non-citizen and undocumented person can still file a petition in the family court. Immigrants and refugees who are under the risk of abuse can file an order of protection. They can encounter the Safe Horizon office associated with the Family Court. If an undocumented immigrant or a refugee who is married to a US citizen becomes a victim of domestic violence, he can become a permanent resident with the help of the Violence Against Women Act.