Characteristic of Computers

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Using ASPs small businesses and large businesses can use the services of the fax machines, servers, and specialized software by paying a monthly fee or free of cost. The main benefit of ASPs is it is cost-saving, technical support, automatic software up-gradation. it needs lesser use IT staff and guaranteed uptime, which is most vital. The companies that offer ASPs services are primarily software companies. ASPs market can be broken into five categories, i.e., software vendors, hardware vendors, ISP’s and telecom carrier, Pure Play ASP’s, and Vertical ASPs. The way this ASPs market is moving, it will make all of us familiar with all the service providers. ASPS is becoming more and more attractive to business owners because of the benefits it offers. So the choice of the customer to use ASPs depends on the need of the customer.Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based system of navigation, which was mainly used for military purposes. The concept of GPS is based on triangulation with four satellites. The three sectors, which derive utmost benefit from this technology, are business, military and private sectors. The main purpose is to track different places. The GPS has three main components – a series of satellites transmitting signals to the earth, the control that helps to make adjustments to position of a satellite and clock signals by sending commands from ground stations. The receiver system consists of base station and handheld receivers. The 24 GPS satellites are present in an orbit with a12 hour time and are positioned to cover almost the entire earth. GPS is applied in the three major verticals – aircraft, navy, and the military. For instance, the artillery units using GPS aided system is able to hit a target lying at a far distance of more than twenty miles. Operation Desert Storm is one such example. The Navy ships used the application of GPS in rendezvous, minesweeping operations, and aircraft operations. Truck and car rental companies use GPS to track vehicles. Unauthorized use of trucks and vehicles may be prevented using GPS. The most significant area of use is surveying. Even private citizens use GPS to hunt and hike. Cellular phones incorporate the vast application of GPS services. Besides, golf and fishing are other important areas of application. With advancement in technology, GPS will find greater use and application.