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As a director of marketing for a firm that manufactures cleaning chemicals, my aim will be to maximize the profitability of the firm. I will choose a distribution strategy that will ensure profitability maximization, customer reach and customer retention. Online marketing has proved to posses these traits compared to the physical marketing. This can be observed through the pros and cons as discussed below:Advantages of online marketing1. Through internet navigation the customers can easily get the information about the product that they want to buy at any time. When the company uses the representatives, it may fail to reach all the clients to give them information of the product.2. The company is able to save money. This is because the labor cost is cut down as compared to using marketing agents who demand for salaries. Online marketing has few labor charges and this ensures that the company’s profitability increases.3. The use of internet ensures that the company expands from the local, national to international markets and offering unlimited expanding possibilities.4. The internet can be measured to detect if the campaign is working or not this ensures that the losses are evaded in advance.5. The barriers of distance are also nullified since the goods can be sold across the globe without inventory cost or setting up outlets.(Linton)Disadvantages:1. The slow internet connections that are experienced causes difficulties which involves taking long for customers to check their files or download them. 2. The online marketing does not enable the customers to have the touch of the product before buying it. This makes the company to have returned goods and can lead to loses. 3. Many customers have failed to trust the online payment using the electronic methods and this has affected the purchases.From the above pros and cons it can be concluded that the online marketing is the best method for the company. This is because this distribution strategy enables the company widening its target audience which will cause it to increase the sales and profitability in the long run. Online marketing is also cost effective. This is because. there are no many marketing representatives that often demand for salaries. The customer retention is also high using this strategy because the platforms build relationship with the customers through the constant emailing. (Zeendo)Works CitedLinton, Ian. Benefits of Internet Marketing. 2013. 2015 .Zeendo. Advantages and disadvantages of online marketing. 2014. 2015 .