ChannelSales Force Audit for Leica Camera AG

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Zhang, M. (2012). About Leica, “Leica: The Little Privately-Owned Engine That Could” PetaPixel, Retrieved from: 13
Channel and Sales force audit is a measuring tool used for an evaluation of the operations of an organization or company. Such an audit is a comprehensive and thorough analysis of people, operations, processes, company’s structure, culture, management and workforce, customers, products, services, technologies, customers, sales channels, target markets and other various types of activities that can contribute to the company’s reputation and profitability. Additional to the internal factors, it is important to consider external factors while performing a channel and sales force audit for a company because external factors can easily put the effect on internal compatibility of an organization (Sales Xpert, 2013).
On the basis of the results of channel and sales force audit, recommendations are made for the effectiveness of the company. The recommendations should be made with a clear implementation plan so that the company can implement certain changes in an effective and accurate manner. Implementation plans should be clear, precise, flexible and realistic because a company’s future success and effectiveness are based on such a plan (Panda,T. &amp. Sahadev,S. 2012)
Channel and sales force audit is essential for an organization that wants to identify incremental revenue opportunities for the future. It also helps a company to judge its capabilities against its competitors, market trends, product launches, expansion and growth decision and other relevant decision regarding a successful future.
Lieca Camera AG is a privately owned German optics company founded in 1849 and was headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Camera AG is one of the three companies of the formerly known Ernst Leitz GmbH which is popularly known for