Changing American Icons in Popular Culture

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Identifying changes that have been made in culture, as well as how this represents the icons of America in popular culture, leads to a different understanding of identity in different social areas.The concept of modern culture and the icons that represent them are integral to defining how one creates an identity not only from personal values but also from the surrounding social concepts. The modern consciousness of any given time frame is one that changes according to what one would believe is a personal belief. However, when looking at different aspects of mass media and common culture, it can be seen that there is a change in the general consciousness. This leads to the modern views of the time, as well as how one identifies with the individual beliefs according to this culture. Personal identity and social identity are then noted as the same concept when looking at ideas of culture (Scruton, 2 – 5). In looking at both Better Homes and Gardens issues, it can be seen that the American icon is one that defines cultural identity by making a statement of personal identity within the home.The changing gender values in American culture are one of the common icons that have been noted throughout time. The concept of the gender code by a changing society is one that has been pushed, specifically through the use of media and mass communication. In the time frame of the 1950s, this was represented by the housewife that was responsible for the upkeep and affairs of the home. The gender code of men during this time was just as relevant, specifically defined as the businessman and the ‘breadwinner’ of the home. In the present time, this has changed to the independent and self – sustaining woman of America. Single women are now defined as independent and with the ability to overcome different problems without the help of men, are one of the current gender codes in society. The idea of the housewife has been replaced by the working and contemporary woman.