Change and Innovation as Portrayed by Regional Sludge Treatment Centre (RSTC)

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It has to be noticed that the establishment of the above firm was initially considered as absolutely necessary taken into consideration the needs of the particular British region (greater Northeast area). When the specific plant was put in action, a series of problems appeared particularly regarding the methods used for the appropriate process of the all waste material directed towards the particular plant for process and disposal to the environment.At a first level, it seems that the strategies developed by the firm have been appropriately designed and applied. however, still there are certain issues to be reviewed, like the effectiveness of the firm’s structure – in accordance with the targets set by the firm’s managers. The choice of the knowledge management systems used by the firm’s managers could be also criticized as being only partially develop – many of its aspects are still not appropriately highlighted and they cannot be used for the development of the firm’s strategic plan. The use of Robbin’s model for the evaluation of the appropriateness of organizational culture in the case of the specific firm has been found to be a potential solution regarding the identification of the problems related with the daily operational activities of the particular firm.The identification and the administration of knowledge within the business environment can be appropriately planned only if the characteristics and the needs of each particular firm are taken into consideration. In this context, the prior exploration of the business – and the market – environment is necessary in order to develop appropriate plans of action regarding the retrieval, the process and the distribution of knowledge within any modern organization. At a first level, it is necessary to identify the type of knowledge required for a specific firm.