Challenges Facing Organizational Leaders In Nigeria

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The significance of this study is to create awareness of the challenges facing the organizational leaders in the private sector in Nigeria, as well as develops strategies, which could make the organizational leaders in Nigeria more adjusted to the ever-shifting environment that they operate in.
Correspondingly, an appraisal of past works in this part did not yield any concrete results. This presumes that past investigations on leadership analyses in Nigeria did not pay close interest to this part of social occurrence, or investigators in Nigeria had not taken it as a fragment of their academic lists that is worth investigating. This analysis will offer a compass to steer future investigations in this part of social occurrence. Moreover, the challenges confronting organizational frontrunners in Nigeria cannot be disconnected from the happenings within the country, as well as environmental pressures operating within Nigeria. This investigation will function as a facilitator for economic growth and social revolution within Nigeria, as well as provide the example, which can be tailored in organizational settings, which have the same cohesion with the Nigerian setting.
The study of leadership is an intricate endeavor, which requires sound theoretical framework and engagement of perspectives from different disciplines for thorough exposition. This purpose of this study is to investigate the challenges facing the organizational leaders within the private sector in Nigeria and how the challenges could be obliterated. This chapter provides the theoretical framework for this study by combining the concepts of leadership systems and organizational change. The key proposals of these theories are considered against the backdrop of challenges leaders face an organizational system.