Cerebral Palsy in Saudi Pediatric Physiotherapy

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This paper illustrates that psychological, social and emotional well-being of children plays a significant role in Cerebral Palsy. This indicates that pediatric physiotherapist practice presents unique challenges to the clinical reasoning processes. Similarly, Darrah 2008 argues that it is crucial for a pediatric physiotherapist to put into consideration the possible impact of numerous factors that contribute to the increase of CP in children such as family, age, the level of development and the environmental living conditions. Through these factors, it becomes easier to understand and work on patient or client management model. Clinical reasoning is a multidimensional phenomenon that refers to the capacity of Pediatric physiotherapist to think and understand children and their health challenges logically as the basis for taking action and making decisions. As such, this phenomenon was revealed by a therapist to contribute to clinical knowledge, competence strategies, and pattern recognition. Research into clinical reasoning in pediatric physiotherapy has focused more on areas related to Hypothesis-Oriented Algorithm for Clinicians (HOP-FA). HOP-FA was designed to assist clinicians in addressing the physiotherapy needs of their patients and clients in any clinical settings. However, it is worth noting that HOP-FA is independent of any particular theoretical approach. Therefore, Nijhuis. Andrade asserted that objectives set by rehabilitation professionals did not merge properly with the main challenges and needs that were present with children suffering from CP. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) intends to play important roles in systematic documentation according to the assessment and definition of the therapeutic goals, as well as, influencing therapist in clinical decision making and standardizing terminology so that pediatric physiotherapists can communicate among themselves using a neutral and well-defined language.