Censoring Literature

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In order to secure their interests the authorities evolve many procedures which come under the umbrella of censorship. Regulate the circulation of ideas that are detrimental to the interests of the existing authorities, employ brutal measures through the repressive apparatus like judiciary, police and army, and more controlled methods like forbid the book of progressive authors, restrict access etc. The censorship can be explicit as well as implicit.
“While the explicit censorship relatively clearly sets out the forbidden areas and offers a transparent system of sanctioning the violations, the implicit censorship, well known in communist regimes of the 20th century, deliberately leaves a wide range of openness. it is never completely clear when the border has been transgressed, as well as it is not clear what kind of sanctions can follow.” (Literature-2007)
Be it any system of government—the principle function of the rulers, it has been observed all over the world, under all conditions, is preservation of power, authority and influence. The emphasis on the welfare measures is not how it will help the people, but how it will help the government to complete the full term, and felicitate winning in the next election! The censors plan the operation intelligently. The preliminary censorship assures the precursory control of the publication. The repressive censorship creates hard impact. The operation is carried out after the problem-causing work is published.