Ccounting Systems Design and Development

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The system of authorising leave and other human resource issues would be faster as the authorisation would be made electronically rather than waiting upon the paper documents.
Moreover, the benefit through the opening of the new system might make The Royal Australian Mint to strictly record and monitor the working performances by tracking upon the working hours of the employees.
In addition, the other benefit that the organisation might expect is that the new system would significantly effect upon their area of planning which will cover the entire organisation and also will diminish the need for people to design their own systems. The Royal Australian Mint hopes that the new system would transform the organisation into an efficient workplace along with enhancement of the productivity in future.
The previous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of The Royal Australian Mint was not capable enough to comply with the changing information requirements of the management. Moreover, the previous system became very much complex to support the various additional programs and report requests which were required to be added into the system. In order to cope up with these sorts of problems, The Royal Australian Mint felt the need of introducing new integrated system of information.
The Royal Australian Mint had made each business area map out their major process activities may be due to the fact that the organisation identified the requirement for a new integrated system that would enhance their business operations. The major motive of the organisation in mapping out their major process activities was to attain knowledge regarding their current procedure of executing working activities and also seeking for the ways in order to enhance their working procedures.
The Royal Australian Mint might face certain difficulties while implementing the new integrated system of information. Due