CBRN Weapons

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MEMO al Affiliation) The Supreme Leader, Adnan Karbluee, North Korea. RE: Recommendation of the Appropriate Weapon It is fact that our country requires proper and modern military weapons to protect our border and to secure ourselves from our enemies. Your Excellency, I take this opportunity to present to you various modern weapons that can be developed to enhance our military strength and to defend our sovereignty during times of conflict. However each of these weapons have their pros and cons.
Deadly arsenals are the current more advanced military weapons that can be used for mass- destruction. Countries with such weapons are feared throughout the world. However, it is quite expensive to develop and require proper and advanced knowledge for development. Moreover its usage leads to destruction of biological and physical aspects of the environment and may even cause destruction of natural reserves.
Your Excellency we also have an option to develop Overly Top Attack Tank Misiles. they are the most current military weapons and can destroy a large number of enemies within a very short time. It can facilitate the take of stagnant and moving targets and has less impact of the environment. They are also not very expensive to develop. However, they can release loud explosive sounds and gases that are harmful to the environment.
Our country can also invest in development of modern croddy missiles that provide proper delivery in regard to mass destruction when attacking enemies. These weapons are less expensive as compared to arsenals and OTA’s. However, they also destroy the environment through production of excessive latent heat and explosions.
Lastly, we can also explore Chemicals, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear options of military attacks. This can include the use of biological pathogens such as disease causing pathogens during war or the use of Nuclear weapons to attack enemies. These methods are lethal and are usually associated with massive environmental destruction.
Your Honour, taking these options into consideration, it is crucial that our country focus on the development of Overly Top Attack Tanks that are basically less expensive to develop and have less effects on the environment as compared to other options. Overly Top Attack tanks can deliver excellent results owing to the fact that they are usually used to attack specific targets. This makes them less destructive to the environment. The essence of their relatively lower cost of development is also important especially to an average economy like ours.
Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely,
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Army General,
North Korea.
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