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During spring-summer time, sunglasses would account for a huge spend budget. Hence they are allocated the maximum amount of sales plan. During summers the demand for sunglasses goes up and hence it is important that a large percentage of media spend is on promotional activity for this particular product. These promotional activities would include fashion shows, different offers, and schemes such as ‘point-of-purchase promotion’, discounts, etc.
The media spend has been allotted keeping in mind that the promotional activity would be spread over a period of 10 weeks from mid-May until the end of July. However, not all promotional activities would be carried out for so long. Such as fashion shows would be held about 2 times over the period.
Summertime is associated with beaches. This is the time of the year when people go for long holidaying trips to various beaches across the globe. Clearly, this is also that time of the year when the demand for swimwear rockets up. Hence it is important to have well-defined promotional strategies to match up to the market demands of the product.
The promotional activity would be carried out for a period of 10 weeks again which is from mid-May up to end of July. This is because if people are planning for long holidays, they would mostly start buying somewhere in advance and hence mid of May is the optimum time to start the promotions of swimwear. Since summertime goes on for a good 2 and a half months, the promotional activity should be in full gear for the full of June and July, which is when the holidaymakers plan their visits to beaches.
Jewelry as a product does not really have a relatively high demand during any particular season and its sales depend mostly on occasions. Hence its promotional activities will not be targeted keeping in mind the spring-summer season, and rather the onset of any occasion or festival. The amount that has been allocated for the sales plan, 7 million, will be required for activities such as fashion shows, exhibitions, mannequin displays, and other schemes and offers. The duration for which the promotional activity will be carried out is 6 weeks. Jewelry will not be much in demand during the summer but in the spring season. Hence the promotions would take place from mid-March up to the end of April.
Unlike Jewellery, lingerie is a fashion accessory which is a must-have. Irrespective of the season, it continues to have a good demand and attractive promotional activities can really shoot up its sales. However, during summers, because of the extended holidays, the sale of lingerie also increases. Merchandisers should capitalize on this and create special offers and schemes such as discounts.