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Managing DonutsJoyce CrowAshford University MGT 330 Management for Organization                                                   Jill Heaney                                                 May 10, 2020                                                            District Manager of Five Dunkin’ Donut FranchisesIntroductionAs the new District Manager, I intend to build and structure the foundation of workers for all the five Dunkin’ Donuts establishments. My goal is to increase the fiscal profits for every unit to establish extra legacies to the company’s brand. The paper analyzes the following categories of Dunkin’ Donuts: job design including job analysis, job description and job specification, and organizational design. Workers job designs will be assessed with the use of a divisional structure for Bakers, Crewmembers, and managers. Inside of Dunkin’ Donuts will be analyzed to decide the needs for recruiting and selecting applicants. Also, the essay discusses the training and performance appraisals for the value of significance to the franchise.Job Design Job design refers to the process of organizing duties and roles into a productive unit of work. The job design will include job analysis, job description and job specification. Job design occurs when managers decide the duties to be completed, the people who will do them and the selection approach to be adopted in choosing workers (Reilly, Minnick, & Baack, 2011). Below, I have used job analysis, job description, and job specification to discuss the job design of the five new establishments.Job AnalysisThe process of assigning tasks will be undertaken by the HR department and the departmental managers. I will be adapting the extermination model of job analysis. Every branch will have 5 to 8 workers per shift, with one being a manager, one may be a shift leader and the rest will include crewmembers and bakers. They will be in charge of food handling, housekeeping and sales. Each worker’s qualification will include preparing donuts, coffee, frozen meals, and working on the cash register.Job DescriptionFor job descriptions, the current Dunkin’ Donuts models will be appropriate for the Crewmembers, Bakers, and Management ( Most roles at the organization are entry-level positions, which need filling customer orders through preparing drinks and baked food. Applicants will need to show their readiness to take directions and interact with the clients regularly.Job SpecificationBakers, Crewmembers, and Shift Leaders – These are the entry-level spots that will need minimal requirements. Basic requirements include at least a High School Diploma (GED or equivalent), inclination to take direction and intermingle with clients, and interpersonal working capabilities. These roles are trainable on the job. The position of shift leader will be achievable by an existing baker or crewmember once he or she has proved his or her ability to lead others.Management –The position of a manager needs more qualifications since it has a great deal of responsibility that are significant for the success of the franchise. A manager will need to have a prior restaurant experience together with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and business management. He or she must be competent and have skills in organizing, scheduling, staffing, and increasing revenue for the firm.Organizational DesignThe organizational design for the upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts outlets will adopt the already tested and proven Dunkin’ Donuts’ structure. To start with, the firm will continue to use the divisional structure, where every franchise will work as an individual Machine Bureaucracy. Dunkin’ Donuts is a standardized franchise that offers coffee and doughnuts. This will not change with the opening of these new units. The only changes it might make is the seasonal flavors. The division structure for the organization is categorized into privately owned franchises available for purchase. Dunkin’ Donuts’ franchises will be decentralized since they are five of the biggest outlets that may be in a single district. Every franchise requires its inner rules and responsibilities set by the house management. Inside these units, managers will be in charge of bestowing more roles and duties to the appointed shift supervisor. Every restaurant manager will oversee all in-house authority and discipline.The organization has a structure that is organic in nature, even though there are stern regulations in the food industry and customer service, we will need to hire many workers at the same level. One to two managers in every location and the rest will be Bankers and Crewmembers. Workers are tasked with each aspect of the structure in their non-supervisory position. I intend to create a flexible and adaptable work surrounding.Recruiting and SelectionI will adopt an external recruitment strategy in hiring additional employees in the project. The requirement strategy is essential since it promotes the hiring of employees with a diverse set of expertise, discourages internal conflicts, ensures employment of qualified individuals, and makes work easier when it comes to selecting candidates from a large pool of applicants. I will communicate these job opportunities through the media, newspapers, and other print media, which I believe are readily available to the target audience. Communicating through a job board is also a vital tool to interact with potential candidates.I must ensure that the new hires’ education and work background is quite positive to ensure that they are approved and hired as expediently as possible. The new hires must have enough experience and history that shows their success in such a field. Moreover, they must be open-minded, competent, and knowledgeable to be able to command success within the new units.Training and Performance AppraisalsThe current workforce aims at attaining resources that can contribute to their success. Therefore, I will show these employees that the organization is focused on developing their skills and helping them attain their goals of success. I will incorporate training programs in the firm that highlight generational information, which can assist these employees in developing their skills. I must pay attention to staff mentoring so that I can give clarity on their roles and influence positively on their career opportunities. Mentoring is especially essential to Millennials who readily want to learn from an experienced advisor. The mentoring process can assist in promoting an exchange of expertise where diverse generations learn from one another. Through the training and development programs, the organization will foster an appreciation for diversity, which in turn will produce a positive outcome within the firm.I will also use various approaches to increase employee motivation. To start with, I will perform a gap analysis through various approaches such as questionnaires and interviews. This would help me to comprehend the existing state of an employee’s skills and match them to the anticipated level. With the help of gap analysis, I will develop a list of training needs and choices, and then compare them with the organization’s objectives and priorities. To make sure that the employees training is effective, I will create a list of training requirements for each employee, department, and the whole organization. More importantly, I will shape employee behavior through rewards such as promotions, bonuses, and leaves, which, in turn, will motivate them into being productive. ConclusionIn conclusion, as the district manager, I will make use of the mentioned approaches to increase the organization’s profit and franchise responsibility. Through assessing the job design requirements, I was able to the new units needed Bakers, Crewmembers, and Management. The workers will be housed within the Machine Bureaucracy, which has an organic, decentralized structure.ReferencesReilly, M., Minnick, C., & Baack, D. (2011).The five functions of effective management(2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.“Dunkin’ Donuts Online Job Application”. (2014). Accessed from“Dunkin’ Donuts Careers page”. (2014). Accessed from