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1. How can Apple use competitive intelligence to gain business intelligence?2. Using Porter’s Five Forces Model, analyze Apple’s buyer power and supplier power.3. Which of the three generic strategies is Apple following?4. Which of Porter’s Five Forces did Apple address through the introduction of the iPhone and customer-developed iPhone applications?Chapter Two Case: BusinessWeek Interview with Michael PorterThe Harvard professor and popular author explains the “location paradox” and talks about the competitive challenges facing the United States. Ever since his 1990 book The Competitive Advantage of Nations,Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter has been regarded as a leading authority on the economic development of nations, regions, and cities. Both as an academic and consultant, Porter is best known for his work on the importance of developing a specialty in industrial clusters—high concentrations of companies in a sector such as semi-conductors, cars, or textiles. In an interview with Senior Writer Pete Engardio, Porter explains why he believes globalization has actually made industry clusters and local advantages even more important, rather than weakened them.If globalization means that work, technology, and money can now move anywhere over the internet, does that physical location of an industry still really matter?You must cite your textbook and at least two other, credible sourcesBook:Baltzan, P.Business Driven Technology.