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1) The final assessment for semester 2, 2019-20 will be done through comprehensiveassignment for a maximum of 50 marks. The schedule of the final assessment is availablein the college website. All the students are expected to have only one assignment at one time. In case, if thestudents have more than one assignment on the same day, please report to the examcommittee through the following mail id. as soon as possible.3) All students are given 48 hours to complete and submit each assignment from the day, dateand time the assignment is uploaded. Students are advised not to wait till the last momentof the deadline to submit the assignment.4) The students can check the assignment anytime and any number of times from the openingof the assignment. The answer to the assignment need to be uploaded in e-learning within48 hours.5) The answer to the assignment can be uploaded only one time. No requests forresubmission of the assignment will be entertained.6) In case students face any difficulties while uploading the assignment in e-learning, theycan contact ETC helpdesk.7) Student may contact their respective lecturer through email (within the 48-hour periodgiven) if they have any doubts and clarifications on the assignments.8) Student should be aware that this assignment is an independent assessment. Students arenot allowed to get help from any other person during the assessment period.9) Students assignment will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin software. Thisassignment will be assessed as per the College Assessment Policy. Student will beinvestigated in case of plagiarism as per the College policy and procedures.10) In case the students face any technical issues regarding the submission of assignment, theanswer to the assignment can be mailed to the concerned lecturer within the 48-hour period.11) Any assignment submitted after the 48-hour period will not be considered for evaluation.12) The assignment should be submitted only the file in MS Word document. No other formatis acceptable at all (e.g. pictures, JPEG, PDF, etc).13) The students need to answer the assignment in the prescribed number of words asmentioned in the assignment.14) The students need to follow the following format while preparing the assignment :Font Style: Times New RomanFont Size: 12 point for body and 14 point for HeadingsLine Spacing: 1.5Margin: 2.54cm (One inch) on all the sidesPage Number : At the bottom right hand corner of each pageColour: All words should be in black colour15) Students who will fail to submit their assignment as per the deadline given are required tomake an online appeal along with the valid excuses as the guidelines which will beannounced through the college website or e-learning portal.CASESTUDYBABA LLC BABA LLC is a window and conservatory company employing over 1500 people in India and now expanding to Middle East countries. In the Past Company used telesales, now implements its sales operations in two separate teams, one a team of canvassers, the other salespeople to generate leads. The role of canvassers is to distribute the company newsletter, a quarterly publication called BABA Homes. Canvassers also follow-up with a personal call to ask house owners their views on the publication and whether any of the products are of interest now or in the future. The objective is to take appointments with genuine leads for the sales force, but it may be hard to practise and even disturbing. Recent research shows that most consumers feels this to the unwelcome telephone calls and find the publication of interest. On other hand canvassers have appointment targets, the work is flexible and hours can be made to suit part-time, mature people. The company is looking for persons with a pleasing manner, experience and a certain maturity who can build understanding with the customers. The canvassing team is a mixture of male and female, age from 20 to 40. The canvassers prefer this approach even those who have been in telesales before. Company’s sales manager reported that splitting sales prospecting from sales generation is innovative and successful. Source:macmillanihe.comAnswer each of  the following questions (in 100-150 words):(10QX5Marks=50Marks):1. “Company’s sales manager reported that splitting “sales prospecting” from “salesgeneration” is innovative and successful. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasonsin support of your answer (5marks)2. As a sales manager of BABA LLC, how will you motivate team of canvassers andSalespeople to obtain orders and contracts? Discuss in support of your answer.(2+3=5marks)3. Assume that BABA LLC launched its business in Oman, Evaluate how environmentalfactors will influence the sales of window and conservatory in Oman. (5marks)4. Suggest and Draw sales Organization structure suitable to BABA LLC. Give reasons insupport of your suggestion. (3+2=5marks)5. “The aim is to obtain appointments with genuine leads for the sales force”, evaluate thestatement and give reasons can BABA LLC can achieve its aim through “personal call”strategy or not? Suggest alternative approaches for BABA LLC to create genuine leadsfor its Salesforce. (2+1.5+1.5=5marks)6. Assume that BABA LLC want to launch a separate division for industrial selling, andyou are being appointed as sales manager for the industrial division, as yourresponsibility, prepare a sales task procedure and implementation write-up which yoursales team have to perform. (5marks)7. Assume that you are the sales manager of BABA LLC, how you will evaluate the SalesForce performance? (5marks)8. According to the requirement of BABA LLC, outline the criteria for recruitment of salesforce. Give reasons for each element you select as criteria.(2+3=5marks)9. As an expansion of business, BABA LLC entered into industrial selling in this contextprepare appropriate basic steps and execution plan to create industrial customer.(5marks)10. Discuss the sales presentations methods which are effective for window and conservatoryproducts when you are dealing with its industrial prospects. Give reasons in support ofyour answer. (3+2=5marks