Case Study for ODP

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As the reporter declares my mentor, Dr. Hughes, supervised me as I took Mary and Mrs. Silvestre through the theater admission procedures. After sometime, Mrs. Hughes resolved to speedily nip to the lavatory in the process so as to get back, and relocate the patient into theatre. He left me to complete the remaining procedures and prepare the patient for admission. During this time, I observed that the agreement form had been contracted by Mary and a comment added to the notes that Mary thought she was pregnant. I proceeded to confirm this comment setting Mary free for theater admission after completing all required procedures. After transferring Mary into theatre, my mentor attempted to supplement a cannula in Mary’s hand. To my utter amazement, Mary was startled by a sharp pain inflicted upon her by the inserted cannula. She immediately withdrew her hand resulting in the cannula becoming dislodged with some blood spillage. I privately ask Dr. Hughes why such a unique occurrence was taking place, and she quickly confessed that she had not really attempted a cannula procedure unsupervised before. I concluded that she must have forgotten to follow certain necessary procedures resulting into the pain experienced by the patient and consequently, the blood spillage upon withdrawal. Operating department practitioners (ODPs) have a huge role to play in seeing forth the liberation of patients from the anguish of various diseases. The situations to which operating department practitioners are often exposed as health care professionals are sometimes so complex and demanding including serious issues of health and wellbeing of various patients.