Case Closed

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The shrill ring of the telephone awakened Carol above the drone of a late night talk show monologue. The clock on the wall said 11:45 PM. Who? What? She struggled to wake up and answer the deafening ringing. Hello.
Is this the Burton residence? a voice asked inquisitively.
Yes. Yes, it is. This is Carol Burton. Who is calling? Carol struggled with the call trying to gain her mental ground from the sea of sleep that she had just been sailing.
Mrs. Burton, I have some terrible news. Is Jim Burton your husband? The caller had a tone of dead flat seriousness about him, which frightened Carol.
Yes, Jim is my husband. What’s happened? What’s wrong? Carols voice cracked under the strain of uncertainty.
I’m Lieutenant Keller with the metro police force. I’m sorry Mrs. Burton, but your husband is dead. He was murdered in his office within the last hour. Have you spoken to him lately?
No. I tried to call him all afternoon, but he didn’t answer the phone and didn’t return my calls. Carol’s mind began to race. Something was wrong and the misdeeds started this afternoon with Jim’s absence. It wasn’t like him to not call back or get in touch. What time was he murdered? Where? How? There were a million questions racing through Carol’s mind.
He was shot in his office within the past hour. We’ve got a suspect in custody. We’d like you to come down to the station and talk to us. Keller’s tone was far too matter of fact. There was a murder that was being treated as trespassing.
Station? Where? I’m sorry I’m in no mental condition to drive at the moment. Where is my husband?
Well send a car for you. Your husband is at the city morgue. We need you to help us with the investigation. The words seemed to flow so easily from the officer’s lips, but stuck inside and fouled Carol’s ears.
The nondescript black sedan arrived moments later. The officer flashed a badge and said, I’m Officer Hogue. Mr. Keller has requested we meet at his office.
Who shot my husband, and why? Carol asked as she choked back her tears.
I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t have any information on the case. You’ll have to save your questions for Mr. Keller.