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Assignment #2: The Cascadia Hearing School (50%)InstructionsAnswer the questions outlined in the case.Grading CriteriaThere are main grading criteria for these memos:Is the budget “fully flexible”? All figures in the budget driven by references to the assumptions/parameters page and/or formulas, with no “hard coded” numbers.Are all calculations correct given your assumptions? In particular, no mistakes on critical calculations like enrollment growth and staffing ratios.Did you perform appropriate cost allocations? All relevant indirect costs should allocated to a cost center/program, and the break-even analysis should reflect those cost allocations. Is the assumptions page and budget itself well-organized, well-labeled, and easy to follow? Exemplary budgets often employ color-coding or some other scheme to clearly identify assumptions, parameters, and critical calculations. Most also include notes to explain assumptions. Well-organized means the assumptions page was not cluttered with side calculations or other distractions.Is the memo clear and easy to follow? The memo should be organized around the management and operations strategy needed to execute your proposed budget, and not organized around the technical assumptions behind your budget.Does the memo recognize and propose solutions to Cascadia’s financial challenges? Length and FormatYou will submit two files for this assignment:Memo main body: PDF file,up to 2 pages (2 pages maximum)Single-spaced11–12-point font1-inch marginsPDF format required: Recent versions of Microsoft Word allow you to convert to PDF format or you can download a free, secure PDF maker at (Links to an external site.)—you should get in the habit of doing this for every assignmentPaginate your PDF continuously from beginning to endAttachments: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file containing your flexible, monthly budget for CADS. The spreadsheet should contain two pages/sheets within it:an assumptions page, anda budget/formulas page.Each of these should fit within a “screen shot” to be easily followed and read at a glance without scrolling