Career Planning for the Graduates in UK

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However, they maintain a consistency in their recruitment process hence they can be considered as a dependable industry so that the newly graduates looking for jobs can apply for employment in this sector. The investment banking industry is found to be stagnant for the last few years. The growth in the legal sector has diminished in 2013 compared to 2012 (Schierup, Munck, Likic-Brboric &amp. Neergaard, 2015). However, the field recruits the fresh graduates. Hence, though it does not generate any productive growth in the overall job market of the country, still the nation witnessed employment opportunity generated for the fresh graduates in these sectors (Johnston, Khattab &amp. Manley, 2015).
&nbsp.The growth in the fast moving consumer sector has fallen in 2013 compared to 2012 (Schierup, Munck, Likic-Brboric &amp. Neergaard, 2015). However, in providing employment to the graduates this sector has significant contribution in this country. Nevertheless, the accountancy and the other professional service sector are not so promising for employing graduates. In case of banking sector, the growth has been observed to be negative in 2013 as compared to 2012 (Iammarino &amp. Marinelli, 2015). However it has been noticed that in the graduate job market of UK, the sector has significant contribution compared to other sectors. The people of the country are mainly interested to avail the opportunities in the sectors discussed above (Tran, 2015).
Now we look at how these choices change over the year 2014 (Figueiredo, Rocha, Biscaia &amp. Teixeira, 2015).