Career Development and Counselling

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Career assessment tools form the first component which is utilized by organizations in managing employees. Individuals are given an exercise in which they complete self-assessment forms and provide information on skills, competencies, attitudes, and interests. Career planning workshops form the next component of career development programs. These allow individuals to share their self-assessment results with supervisors and colleagues hence get feedback from others and evaluate if their own plans are realistic. Individual counseling is the other crucial component. This element of the programs helps individual employees in understanding their personal objectives, making changes where necessary and working to improve important skills and competencies. A very important component in career development programs involves organizational assessment programs. These are important in evaluating the potential of employees to grow in the organization. Developmental programs on the other hand help organizations in developing their employees to hold future positions that may arise within. Job rotation, organizational training, seminars, mentorship, and tuition refunds are some of the techniques used in developmental programs.