Career Counseling

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Brown amp. Lent (2005), however, indicates that not all the social learning is acted. It is also worth noting the behaviors such as aggression and criminal acts are among the ones acquired mostly through social learning.Social learning occurs in threes ways. The first way is through vicarious reinforcement where the person learns the behavior of others by observing the consequences. It can also take place through observational modeling. Finally reciprocal determinism can also lead to taking up of the behavior of others. This is the best approach to take when handling the problem that Katie is having is due to the fact that she became interested in arts because most of the family members are musicians.Katie may have been influenced to take up the act and path that was followed by most of the members of the family by observing them perform their acts. It is because of this that Katie is said to have began playing piano at a tender age. It is therefore evident that Katie may be into music because most of the members of the family are into music and she learnt this habit or behavior by observing the other members of the family. The motivation to be like the other members of the family drove her to start having interest in playing piano and it was because of this that she has became good at playing piano at a tender age.In Katie’s case, the most applicable test that can be used to tackle the problems that she is having and find the appropriate solution to her problem is the RIASEC test. It is based on the assumption career and vocational choices are normally based on personality types. This theory, which was developed by John Holland, suggests that each and every person fits in a specific care due to the personality. The theory considers six types of personalities. The realistic are those that are considered to be doers while the investigative peoples are classified as the thinkers. On the other hand