Canadas Wonderland

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It is also the major theme park in the country (Williams, 2007, p 102). Canada’s Wonderland consists of beautiful sceneries, for instance, the Medieval Faire and the International Street, that are marketed for tourism by the country’s travel agencies hence earning foreign exchange for the nation.With the leadership of Kelly Robinson, the Taft Broadcasting Company suggested the construction of the theme park on a 33 acre of land. The land was located in a small village that was known as Maple. The village was a part of Vaughan, Ontario. Many other locations for the construction of Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario were considered. These areas included Cambridge, Milton and Niagara Falls. Maple, however, became the final selection as the construction site of the theme park (Williams, 2007, p. 127). This is because the village was located near the city of Toronto. It was also located near the 400 highway series.Other individuals like the Conklin family considered the Greater Toronto Area as the best location of Canada’s Wonderland. Other people like Walt Disney suggested that the theme park is constructed in Florida (Braithwaite, 2000, p. 218). Disney rejected Toronto because of the cold climate found in the region. He claimed that this kind of weather would shorten the operation period of the park, thereby, reducing profits.Many organizations opposed the construction of the theme park in Toronto. For instance, Toronto’s multicultural institutions like the Royal Museum of Toronto, Ontario Place and Canadian National Exhibition operators argued that Toronto market was too small to accommodate more competition (Braithwaite, 2000, p. 231). Other groups like the Vaughan residential association fought against the construction of Canada’s Wonderland claiming that the increased traffic that would be brought about by the theme park could reduce the value of properties in the region.