Can You Help With The Marketing Plan Of The Italian Pasta Food Truck

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Marketing plan
Develops the Marketing Plan for the Italian Pasta, Food Truck business. Include the
description of your target market, product or service strategy, price, promotion and
distribution, competitive advantage or positioning
1) Target market (Between 18 to 51 years): Describe the target market of your business
proposal. If you consider it necessary, you can divide it between primary market and
secondary market.
2) Product or service strategy: If your business includes a diversity of products or
services, you can classify them by area. Example: a supermarket: describe all types of
drinks together, all types of meats, soft drinks, salads, cheeses, etc.
3) Price strategy: For each product or service being offered, show its price range. Likewise,
it shows the strategy that you hope to follow when setting up these prices.
4) Promotion strategy: Show which promotion tools you are going to use for your business
and how much of your budget you expect to distribute to this area. Present at least one
example of the strategies you want to present.
5) Distribution strategy: Show the way you expect to distribute your products and offer
your service to the target market.
6) Competitive Advantage: Show what makes your business proposal different from
existing businesses in the market.Business