Can You Explain If My Answer Is Correct And Why The Others Are Not?Which Line Should Be Added Into The

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Can you explain if my answer is correct and why the others are not?

Which line should be added into the

removeCard method of class GroupOfCards? public class GroupOfCards { private ArrayListCard cards; // list of cards // Remove and return a card object at a specified location public Card removeCard(int index) { ________________ } // end removeCard } // end class GroupOfCards

A. cards[index] = null;

B. Card = cards.get(index); return card;

C. cards.remove(index); (correct answer)

D. return cards.remove(index);

E. Can’t decide as we don’t know the detail of class Card

My Response:The ArrayList collection class contains the object cards and it provides the remove() method. Method remove(int index) is used for removing an element of the specified index from a list.

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