Can renewable energy be seen as sufficient and sustainable as nuclear energy

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Apart from the environmental degradation, there are other adverse health effects that are caused by the gases that are emitted to the environment. The destruction of habitat for the different lives has resulted not only to the elimination of the indigenous species but has also resulted into the reduction in the production of quality and quantity foods which has resulted into the food supply in major nations of the world (Sandalow, 2009). It is however important to note that all these issues are related to the pressure that is exerted on the limited available energy sources especially for the automobiles. Research has also shown that the increase in the pollutant gases that are emitted in the atmosphere results to the twenty five percent of the health complications of the major organ and organ system of the body such as the lungs, heart, kidney, digestive, respiration and some cases have resulted into death. In the view of the above, it is undisputable that the world needs alternative sources of energy to supply energy to the automobiles. Most nations are responding to this problem by passing strict laws on the activities that result into the pollution of the environment. This is because there is increasing dependency on the petroleum as the major source of energy for the automobile and industrial and many other engines that do not use electricity. The increase in the availability of the renewable sources of energy for automobile is therefore the only solution to reduce the menace of the global problems of pollution, enhance human health, protect the environment, increase the capacity for food production and protect the natural habitat. Hybrid cars, electric engines as well as other engines that use alternative and renewable sources of sources of energy are therefore important technology towards the realization of this goal. The current increase in the development of the automobile and other manufacturing industries has resulted into the ease of transportation problems and changed our lifestyles but is turning to be more dangerous to the environment and our health. For a long time in the history of the world, automobiles have been run mainly by the fuel that is mainly made from the hydrocarbons which is responsible for the environmental pollution. Due to the increasing population of the environment, there increased pressure on the use of the hydrocarbon fuels as the sources of energy for the automobile. It therefore follows that the rate of environmental pollution is expected to rise proportionally. Research has also shown that the amount of fuel used for manufacturing and the service industry constitutes up to forty nine percent of all the fuels that are used (Anderson, 2010). It is also projected that the uses of fuel within our roads is also expected to increase tremendously with the figure expected to be approximately 2.5 billion users (Barthelmie, 2011). In this context therefore the available petroleum faces depletion together with the increases in the environmental impacts mentioned earlier in this study. The following will be research findings on the importance of the hybrid cars in reducing the pollution and protecting the environment a