“CA499 (Parts N &amp

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O)”PART N. Research Review (2 Pages)Research ReviewAnswer the following questions on this TOPIC: The Effects of how not affording proper representation can result in individuals being wrongly condemned.”1. Briefly describe your background with the research topic you selected.2. Do you feel your experience could lead to research bias? Why or why not?3. Where do you feel your paper incorporates research the best?4. Based on your feedback, what are the specific areas of your paper you plan to revise? How?5. What specific areas of your paper could you strengthen by incorporating a bit more research?6. What challenges did you encounter incorporating research and/or adding citations?7. What was the most important aspect you learned in doing this assignment? Why?8. If you were in a high-stakes professional setting, how would you go about finding out for sure whether your final draft isup to snuff?9. What questions do you still have about the research process? PART O. READ the attachment and Answer the following questions based off the attachment.17/05/202040law