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0 No Submission Fail 2 Poor (1-29) fail 3 incomplete (30- 39) fail 4 Basic (40-49) Pass 5 appropriate (50- 59) Pass 6 Competent (60- 69) Merit 7 commendable (70-79) Dis 8 excellent (80-89) Dis 9 outstanding (90-99) Dis 10 publishable (100) Dis Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate understanding of how and why nations engage with international trade 10% No attempt Insufficient evidence to support an understanding of theory An attempt to explain trade theory but incomplete A satisfactory attempt to explain trade theory with basic understanding A decent attempt at describing trade theory but does not go beyond the lecture material A competent analysis of trade theory which uses a range of appropriate sources to create an argument An authoritative analysis of trade theory which critically analysis assumptions in the literature Excellent analysis which attempts to link theory to contemporary issues using a variety of academic sources Innovative analysis of trade theory going beyond lecture material to analyse contemporary issues Faultless critical analysis which could be published in current form Knowledge and Understanding: Knowledge of trade is applied through both quantitative and qualitative examples 10% No attempt Weak examples given which do not illustrate the arguments made Examples are given, but no linkage to theory Acceptable examples are given and attempts to link to theories throughout Decent examples are given, usually from the lecture material, perhaps does not effectively analyse. Effective examples are used throughout however it might miss critical analysis Insightful examples are used and critically analysed throughout to explain and apply the theories Excellent examples are critically analysed throughout which complement theory used Outstanding examples are applied and analysed through use of theory. Faultless use of examples which could be published in current form Knowledge and Understanding: Effectively discusses how trade is facilitated at global, regional and national levels 10% No attempt No theoretical content Insufficient evidence to illustrate awareness of regional and global factors Mostly descriptive with weaker examples, a lack of engagement with academic texts Some good examples and awareness although this is mostly descriptive. Effectively illustrates understanding through analysis of examples. Perhaps this is a little descriptive and does not relate to industry. An authoritative analysis of how firms are influenced by trade factors. Includes critical analysis of appropriate academic texts Excellent analysis which goes beyond lecture material to critically apply theory Outstanding analysis which is close to publication standard. Publishable analysis, illustrates original understanding. Cognitive (thinking) skills: Application of knowledge of trade promotion tools and policies that affects chosen target market 10% No attempt Little understand of trade tools meant no application Is not focused on specific market Mostly focused on specific market throughout. Mostly descriptive and little analysis of unique circumstances of your strategy Focus on chosen market throughout with some valid points, perhaps no analysis Effective application but lacks critical insight perhaps due to a lack of engagement with appropriate literature Examples and analysis is specific to the country/market chosen. Consistently high level of critical awareness of various issues Excellent analysis of theory and examples on specific market from academic sources obtained independently. Outstanding analysis which is close to publication standard. Publishable analysis, illustrates original understanding. Cognitive (thinking) Skills: Step-by-step approach to implementing export strategy with critical awareness of potential barriers to prevent successful implication 10% No attempt Incomplete step-by-step guide which would not be feasible Complete guide but unfeasible Step-by-step approach used, although unoriginal Step-by-step approach used with some evidence that independent thought has been used. Barriers section is incomplete Limited discussion of barriers, perhaps without appropriate support from academic sources Insightful export strategy which is both appropriate and feasible. Barriers are discussed and recommendations to overcome these Excellent strategy which provides solutions to barriers based on independent academic research. Outstanding approach which is close to publishable standard. Publishable strategy which could be implemented in a professional context. Practical Skills: Presentation using standard template, appropriate written communication 10% No attempt Does not follow template. Cannot understand communicatio n. Does not follow template. Communication is poor. Use of template with poor use of language. Template is used correctly throughout, some mistakes in language. Correct use of template. Communication is appropriate throughout although could be improved. Excellent communication aimed at the correct audience, report template is used. Articulated throughout with a professional approach, template is used to compliment report. Template used to excellent effect. Language is professional throughout. Faultless language throughout. Professional approach to presentation. Transferable Skills: Ability to evaluate sources 10% No attempt Little use of sources Sources were not questioned and used throughout without engaging with them Some evidence of evaluation of sources, although this may not be sufficient to illustrate different perspectives. A decent use of sources although these are all from module materials and not engaged with A good selection of sources, little evidence of independent research and evaluation of sources A wide variety of appropriate academic and professional sources are consulted and evaluated An excellent variety of academic and professional sources are used. Critical evaluation of sources throughout Professional use of sources in correct context. Illustrates ability to critique sources on a number of factors. Professional use of sources with evaluations based on theoretical and empirical merit. Transferable Skills: Quality of synopsis and recommendations 10% No attempt Recommendati ons do not correlate to the main body. Recommendations and synopsis are not supported by following text Some support to the recommendations, although these may not be appropriate Appropriate recommendations and synopsis which may be too long or short Recommendations are appropriate and logical, well supported by main body. An excellent synopsis and recommendations which are professional and well supported by the rest of the submission Impressive synopsis and recommendations. All sections are covered and illustrates professional standards Outstanding synopsis and recommendations which could be for a professional report. Publishable and near faultless. Engagement: Participation in class debate, presentation and interaction with peers 10% No attempt Student does not prepared for seminar activities Student has gone some way to preparing themselves for seminars Student prepares for seminars but is not actively engaged in the classwork Student is prepared for all seminars and is an active member of their team Student is prepared for seminars, actively engages in the seminar and contributes to activities Student is prepared for seminars and brings new information to the seminars ready to share with others Is a leader in the class and mentors other students in their learning. Always read more than the suggested reading As previous also contributes to classes with experiences found outside the classroom and leads other through activities As previous, also helps tutor through taking responsibility for own and others learning. A leader in the classroom. Referencing and Citation: Acknowledgement of sources of written and visual information 10% No attempt Some attempt to reference but either reference list or in-text citations are missing Some attempt to reference but a framework is not used Incorrect or inconsistent referencing throughout Incorrect or inconsistent referencing in some places Minor errors throughout the report Some errors in reference list only Minor errors in reference list only Minimal errors in reference list only Faultless