Business Tasks and Environment

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We already function in a diversified managerial system where we have distinct orientations like production, sales, promotion, and consumers. A separate manager is assigned to handle each department. As head of the promotion-orientation, the managerial responsibility is related to selling. However, the manager will be responsible first to create product knowledge among the customers. In the present context, we intend to cover wider areas of rural India where we anticipate a surge in demand due to several factors, which will be discussed later on in this report. In terms of consumer orientation, we already have a marketing plan in place and the marketing manager will ensure the execution of the specific actions that are listed therein.The company has recently reviewed its marketing objectives with a view to addressing our specific marketing requirements and keeping in view the need of the customers. While profitability is definitely one of our objectives, ample focus needs to be given to sustain the product quality while being cost-effective. We expect a high rise in demand once our marketing plans are executed. Our immediate priority is to have a foolproof system for facilitating seamless communication flow among different functional branches so that the activities can be efficiently coordinated. The sales division should be able to provide regular and accurate feedback to the production department regarding demand and an estimate of the surges or fallbacks etc.The company is keen on exploring further business prospects in the domestic market, as there are several qualitative changes that may facilitate business expansion into wider areas. Among them is the new thrust being given to the educational approach by the Government of India, which is very significant in the context of achieving the company’s objective of increased production and sales. As a backdrop, most of the student population is interested in high-quality education as they are targeting overseas job markets in Europe, the US, and the Middle East.