Business Proposal The Schedule

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OUR SCHEDULE FOR SHORT AND LONG-TERM GROWTH During the initial start-up year, much focus will be placed on the promotional function in marketing to ensure that the business is gaining the proper market segment and target market attention for maximum utilization of our internal labor and learning resources. Without knowledge and education, ATP’s internal professionals will not be able to expand the business successfully and gain higher customer demand ratios. Therefore, ATP will be working with a variety of national marketing committees and organizations to improve our competitive presence in the Austin region. …
ks, at a very low cost to the business, will be extremely valuable toward the goal of ultimately expanding the company to service a broader range of target markets both locally and nationally. Once the business has procured enough revenue from customer sales, the business will be expanding its website presence to include information, support and education for individuals outside of the Austin environment. In the second and third year of operations, ATP will be creating a more dynamic website that offers not only live chat opportunities with on-staff support teams, but also allow for blogging features and dual posting of student-generated work that will be examined and/or critiqued by our in-house tutoring professionals. Research has uncovered that having interactive capabilities on the website draws more customer interest and provides the incentive to make a final purchase decision. Therefore, during year one and year two of operations, the business will be dedicated to establishing a more vibrant and energetic website environment with visual appeal and a broad range of different support services that will only enhance the company brand and build confidence with loyal customers who will provide the important word-of-mouth advertising needed to maintain a high customer profile. In the fifth year of operations, Austin Tutoring Professionals will be seeking opportunities to expand the brand to include online interactive tutoring assistance to individuals outside of the Austin area. By this point, it is estimated that ATP will have achieved approximately $500,000 in hard revenues from client sales and internal investments stemming from executive-level decision-making that will assist in making this goal a reality. Furthermore, after five years of operations locally, the