Business Profile on Bre Pettis

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In 2007 in Vienna he was also an artist-in-residence at Museum-Quartier of the art group named Monochrome. He has also been prominently featured in a documentary film named Print the Legend (Welch).Bre Pettis moved to Seattle at the age of 13. Before Seattle, he lived in Ithaca, New York. He graduated later from the Bellevue High School. He studied mythology, psychology and performing arts at Evergreen State College and was graduated from there in the year 1995. After college, he worked for a brief time as a floor runner and also as a camera assistant on films that were being featured in Prague. Bre Pettis also worked as an assistant for the Creature Shop of Jin Henson in London. He later studied at the Pacific Oak College from where he graduated with a teaching certificate and started working as an art teacher in Seattle Public School from the year 1999 to 2006. Pettis married Koi Stark and they have a daughter together named Nika Stark, who was born on July 8, 2011 (Dale).Pettis started thinking about creating something when he moved to New York in the year 2007. He used to play Frisbee each weekend with 20 people belonging to the technology industry in New York. This is how he met Zach and created NYC Resistor, a famous hackerspace. Zach and Pettis shared tools and they also invested collectively in a laser cutter worth $25,000. It was then that they started talking about creating 3D-printers. they had been hearing about them but never saw any as they were only available to the design firms. They later got involved with a community whose focus was to make 3D printers. a community that had the ability to make their own copies in order to build the foundation of a world without money. It was then that they began making prototypes. Even after working for two years they did not have any 3D-printer that actually worked (Kate).In January 2009 both Zach .Pettis locked themselves in hackerspace and in a few months created an actual 3D printer.