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Notation (BPMN)Business Process Model amp. Notation (BPMN) Introduction Business process modeling notation, entails representinga business process diagrammatically. The diagram is often similar to a flow chart. It details a channel that a business transaction goes through from the start to finish. A well thought out BPMN provides the organization with the ability to synthesize internal business procedures in the form of a chart. As a result, it improves performance of all members of an organization, as it clearly sets out tasks (Allweyer et al. 9). Additionally, it sets out mechanisms for interactions with individuals and other organizations within the industry. The clients and all other players are easily handled. However, to understand the effect of a BPMN process a real life example would be more effective.A real life application Business process modeling notation finds a professional real life application in the banking industry. Typical BPMN procedures follow three basic steps: the start event, the gateway and the end event (Allweyer et al. 16). In the event that a customer enters a bank to apply for a loan, the credit officer follows a set out procedure. The process would involve reviewing the client for eligibility then providing an application form. These two events constitute the start event. Secondly, after the client has filled the application, the banker follows a set criterion to study the application. The step here is the gateway. If the client qualifies for the loan, they are informed. The transaction then proceeds through to the end event where the money is disbursed. However, if the client fails the process returns to gateway and the client is notified of the decision. The management through a BPMN process already sets out all these procedures. ConclusionBusiness process modeling notation sets out the procedures for engagement between an organization and its stakeholders. It serves to ensure all business transactions follow a well set out criteria and minimizes conflict (Allweyer et al. 90). The members within an organization also work within a set framework where information flows efficiently. Works citedAllweyer, Thomas, and Diana Allweyer. Bpmn 2.0: Introduction to the Standard for Business Process Modeling. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH, 2010. Print.