Business Practice in a Nurse Managed Health Care Facility

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Quality service delivery and the becoming communities’ choice in medical provision, Valley Medical Group must have quality personnel, resources, and equipment that meet the current medical service delivery.
Notably, from its records, it appears that Valley Medical Group aims at providing quality medical services to its targeted communities especially from the fact that most of its medical staffs have the right certification that qualifies them from charging their duties. Additionally, the institution has numerous associates with an experience that helps in meeting the institutions’ mission towards attaining its vision. Moreover, the institution fulfills the regulations that require it to operate. This means that it will at all times be operational. The institution’s equipment also makes it the preferred institution for medical checkup especially the radiology (Perry, Serven, and Suescun, 2008). Meeting the laid down regulation including environmental regulation especially in the application of x-rays and disposal of wastes as well as having qualified radiology technicians make Valley Medical Group an institution of choice from by its targeted customers. Customers, in this case, patients, will only go to medical centers where they are assured of their safety and not developing other medical conditionals fuelled by poor quality management of the medical institutions that they seek medical services. Therefore, Valley Medical Group’s environmental control mechanisms particularly its reduction of environmental radiation from X-ray makes attract many patients. Nonetheless, it should be noted this practices are never expensive if well followed and executed (Penner, 2004). For instance, the Valley Medical Group’s medical wastes are only paid for once a year as required by the state medical waste regulations.
The financial management of every sound organization usually needs sound financial management that is mainly pegged on the institution’s&nbsp.budgeting mechanism.&nbsp.