Business Plan OpenAir Movie Theater In Singapore

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The country supports a strong transportation infrastructure that makes it efficient and convenient for travelers to move from one destination to another without excessive costs of rental cars or other transportation needs.At the internal level, in terms of recruitment and management support, Singapore is equipped with the higher education resources needed to provide local talents to help support the new business start-up. There is no need to recruit from external, foreign sources but these needs can be procured within Singapore itself. This has many cost and labour advantages to the new business.The new open-air theatre will be designed to support travellers who might not have access to their own, personal transportation. Named the Singapore Screening Stadium (SSS), it will have a fully functional movie screen for big screen productions along with an attached stage for live performances that can be contracted upon recruitment of local acting or musical talent. Rather than adopt a drive-in movie style, common in some Western nations, it will be equipped largely for the travelling tourist without immediate access to these transportation vehicles. Internal marketing managers will be assigned the task of recruiting the necessary talent for non-film productions, taking into consideration budget constraints and profit expectations.