Business Plan for the Company Universal

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The given business plan is concerned with the company Universal which is focused on doing their business to the workhorse (daily use customers) and the travelers (one time buyers) their product offering is microcomputers. The way to become successful in the business can be explained by the business plan itself. New product offerings, up gradation of previously offered products, new locations, and promotional approaches can be enough build market share if the approaches are concurrent with the finance, marketing, operations, and asset management plan. Universal’s business statement is concerned with providing the best and the most reliable micro-computers in the workhorse and traveler sector with a flexible range of products and services. Organizational objectives can be defined from the goals of the individual goals of the four core processes of a business, marketing, sales, finance, and operations.Marketing: increase consumers’ awareness about the brand. defend and Increase the market position of products.Financial: to be able to have high sales, gross profit and at the same time minimize debt. to have a strong liquidity position, i.e. there should be a strong presence of cash in the business. Sales: to be able to reach high product turnover.Operational: increase the smoothness of the production process. minimize the loss in intermediate goods. An organization’s success is based on the key performance indicators. The activity in which the organization is engaged is evaluated through the KP. These set of measurable values are raw sets of information which are used to identify the outcome of one/more processes. In the case of Universal, the key performance indicators are – value pack in their product offerings. high-speed performance in microcomputers.