Business Plan for Internationalize AA Ireland

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This report will consider the marketing issues arising in the management of AA Ireland’s international operations applying the 12C framework for analyzing and screening international markets.Automobile Association, Ireland (AA), operating in Ireland since 1910, is a leading motor organization with 395,000 members. AA has over 80 AA Patrols in Ireland and the service is supported by nearly 200 garage agents (AA It is a leading provider of personal lines insurance intermediary and a major provider of travel, technical and information services. While the calls are handled by the Rescue Center in Dublin, the services are handled over the entire UK. AA offers various types of membership depending upon the services required and separate schemes for the individuals and companies. It has a market share of 85% in the market for those motorists who choose and purchase rescue cover (Wikipedia). It provides breakdown services to fifty percent of new cars in association with ARCTransistance. It offers a range of services which include grading of hotel accommodation, car and home insurance brokerage, vehicle breakdown service, provision of temporary directional signage to events, evaluation of second-hand vehicles, and the provision of information to members regarding new cars and travel insurance.AA Ireland also has an interactive website through which it communicates the services and benefits of the company to the internet users. It maximizes the potential of the web as an additional sales channel (MediaOne, 2004). The website can even track and process online applications submitted. The website gives out detailed information on AA membership, car, home, and travel insurance, and other useful generic content. It also offers the opportunity to purchase a variety of AA products and services online. Apart from managing queries and processing purchases, the website can also facilitate comprehensive report generation.