Business Plan for Hookah Bar

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Our marketing plan and strategies mainly focus on providing hookah and other products and services in our unique and different ways. Furthermore, it focuses on providing extra products and services to the customers which are not available to them in any other Hookah Bar.
The Hookah bar which the company goanna start has to face a competition. But it can be highly successful by offering different services and products which will not be available anywhere else. There are many top Hookah bars like twilight, Sahara East, Mamlouk, Kapadokya, Kush amp. Egyptian Coffee Shop. But the Hookah bar which the company will goanna start will be on edge because of its distinctive features.
The detailed business plan will inform you how to start up a new Hookah bar successfully. Hookah bar which we gonna startup will be different in its unique way. Younger generations are very much attracted to Hookah Bars as it is a source of complete relaxation for them. The increasing number of Hookah Bars shows that there is high demand for Hookah bars in the country. Our business plan covers all its aspects to have a wonderful and enchanting Hookah Bar.
The Hookah Bar is a different concept with lots of business potentials. But having only a Hookah bar is not a good idea. Our hookah bar does not only serve hookah but it will be a Café too. The Hookah lounge should offer a variety of hookah flavors, drinks and desserts to appeal to the younger generation. Another thrilling thing that can be introduced at a Hookah Bars is high varieties of cakes and desserts. The cheesecakes, tiramisu, and baklava can be served in the Hookah lounge with a hot coffee.
The color of the whole ambiance should be something which is deep red, ivory and gold. It gives a romantic and soothing touch to the whole environment. The lounge should contain the capacity of more than 100 people.