Business Paper 2 Pages

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In this module, you will be required to prepare an article review based on a business article that you select on a topic relevant to the course material. The purpose of this assignment is to gain a better understanding of current events in operations and logistics and relate them to class topics.The article must also be obtained from an academic source and therefore must be obtained through the LINCC Web Databases(Links to an external site.).Once an article has been chosen, you will type up a one page summary of the article in your own words. After you develop the summary, describe how the article relates to the material we have covered (indicate this with a chapter number if possible) and how this article may impact what you would do as a logistics manager or operations supervisor. Your write up will be evaluated on content, grammar, and spelling skills and should be presented in APA format which includes a title page and reference page. The article should not be over 3 years old and should be at least 2 pages.15/05/202030businessfinance