Business of Kuwait Public Transportation Company

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The role of stakeholders in a corporation is one of the factors raised by Guler David. It has been argued that a proper stakeholder relationship with a corporation reflects on the success of the corporation, thus, the code has to be put in place to improve the corporation’s governance. As responsibility and accountability in a corporation have increased, corporate governance is important. They say that good governance affects not just the corporation but also society’s political stand. Even though the corporation has limited resources, good governance will improve society’s welfare.The sustainability of a corporation has been proved to be important for its growth. To that effect, sustainability is more successful when corporations answer to the public as a whole and not just its shareholders. Ackerman stated that big businesses needed to consider the society instead of the financial bit of the business as it discriminated against the people thus contributing to an unresponsive society. It was started by McDonald Puxty that corporations had greater accountability as apart from looking into the interests of shareholders, they had to consider the society as well. An organization needs to analyze and evaluate its environment before making decisions or taking any actions to ensure they do not affect its environs and the people living around it negatively. Positive organizational actions have been stated to be important for society’s growth and influence. The definition of sustainability has raised many controversial statements but generally, it means taking actions today that will positively affect a corporation creating several options for the corporation in the future (Crowther, 2002).