Business Ethics and Virtue Ethics

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The code was founded in order for the companies to eliminate the awful culture portrayed by fellow companies and industries of unfairly low wages to their workers, long working hours and unsafe working environment, which may lead to the threat of the workers safety. The putting into action of the global manufacturing principles seemed to a stiff step for the Mattel toy company because it lead to the growth of more challenges in the company. This paper will use the virtues of honesty, temperance, and generosity amongst their workers in order to solve the problems facing the Mattel toy company. The company faces the following issues working conditions, worker safety, fairness, and organizational attitudes towards the environment. According to researchers in the field of ethical standards in companies, they suggest that it is important on how the companies recruit workers who posses good ethical virtues to their respective companies. This is conducted in order to make it definite that the relevant company will grow to develop its goal and vision to the benefit of the company and the public (Sethi, Veral et al. 2011). Honesty The term honesty refers to the virtue by which a person can be said to be frank and truthful to the public. It can also be expressed as the act of a person being free from any fraud activity. The existence of honesty in a company will affect positively the working conditions, the level of organizational attitude and the safety of the working parties in the company. On the point of improving and maintaining, the working conditions will be effective in the Mattel toy company by making sure that employees of the company enjoy working with the company. This would be possible when the leaders of the company take into heart the virtue of honesty into their own heart and duties. The accumulation of the virtue will enable them to present the bad working conditions of their juniors to the management board of the company in a lawful way. This will help in making sure that the funds allocated to them after presenting the issues will be well spent in the favor of improving the working conditions of the employees. The presence of having leaders in a company who have the virtue of telling the truth in a company will be crucial for the company because the employees can copy the good ethic standard of being honest. This will help because the employees will conduct their duties in an honest manner, which will benefit the Mattel toy company a lot (Sethi, Veral et al. 2011). In some cases, managers in companies do not portray the virtue of honesty towards their employees in terms of the level of income. This is evident when the managers take the advantage of their hierarchy of authority in the companies to mistreat the workers by paying them low salary levels, which is against the set agreement based by the employee and the management board. This makes the working environment unfavorable for the workers. These experiences of employees in other companies drives the main motive of the Mattel toy company to set the new code of ethics in which the working conditions of the employees in the company are meet with strict action in regardless of their power and authority in the company. The working conditions expected to be addressed by the global manufacturing principles in the ethical code include the amount expected to be paid to each worker is reviewed after a certain