Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

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This paper’s focal point is to create an appropriate code of ethics that would be perfectly suited for any business. All the staff, board members, and volunteer members that work within an organization must encompass virtues that illustrate integrity in their personal and professional relations. Honesty and transparency are the most important virtues in this regard. The focal point of existence for an organization needs consideration. For instance, in an online banking organization, this could be to ensure that clients receive banking service provision of the highest quality from the comfort of their homes. The organization’s code should be well within amp. aims to fulfill all the requirements sets within the State’s /Country’s Constitution. It ought to regard the necessary laws and regulations (Bailey, 2011). Information concerning financial and social dealing of an organization should be provided to the media, public, and all stakeholders in an efficient and timely procedure. Any variations in management or strategies are to be provided to the parties stated with immediate effect (McCloskey, 2006). An organization should be conscious to ensure that there is no discrimination in the processes of hiring, firing, retention, and promotion. All the staff, volunteers, clients, as well as board members of the organization ought to be accorded, given equal opportunity. While in the process of solicitation, an organization must maintain truthfulness when relating to its donors. The organization must respect all the concerns of donors, with regard to privacy, and only expect funds that are in direct inclination with intents of the donor. The statement of values regarded above is based solely on humanity. Formulation of the principles occurs after incorporation of the process of social imagination. This is whereby oneconsiders the positions of other people before determining how they should act.