Business Ethics

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Whilst other people may not be aware of this, the management will be fully aware that their action contravenes the moral principles they should uphold in their operations. They will be just behaving in such a way as a result of the fact that their action is beneficial to the majority of the people involved. To them, this practice is morally right since it benefits the majority of people. For instance, this action means that the company stands better chances of generating more revenue from this malpractice. This in turn benefits the shareholders and other stakeholders who have interests in the company. However, other unsuspecting people are likely to be impacted negatively by this kind of action. It may not be noticeable but these people are likely to be affected in the long run. The organizations in particular should always be guided by their stated values that compel them to act in way that make them different from other companies. The values in this case are basic tenets that shape the culture of the organization and these should not be compromised for financial gain. From this assertion, it can be seen that financial gains should not be given precedence over the interests of other people since this action is likely to result in negative consequences to the affected people. Indeed, the goal of each organization is to generate profits from its operations but care should be taken so as to ensure that the rights of the other people are not violated for the love of money by the organization involved. The moral principles that shape the company‚Äôs values should always shape its operations so as to be in a position to create trust among different stakeholders. It can also be seen that…
It can be observed that action that is regarded as morally right may have negative consequences though it may benefit the majority of the people involved. Actions that are detrimental to other people should never be condoned though they are beneficial to the majority of people. Ethical principles that try to distinguish between something that is bad from right should always be upheld regardless of the fact that bad action can yield benefits to other people. It should always be noted that something wrong will remain wrong no matter how beneficial it may be to other people who may be involved in such a scenario.