Business Environment in Mexico

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This paper examines the globalization process undertaken by various businesses in the process of their growth and expansion. It focuses on the Mexican business environment, showing its potential as being the best environment for international business growth and expansion.Businesses have different motivations for deciding to venture into global markets. many of them are often motivated by the need to exploit the existing market. In this case, the business has a mandate to introduce its products to the new market and use various approaches to create a client base.In many instances, the decision to go global is often motivated by the vision and mission statements of a business organization, including its goals and objectives (Lazo 2011, 17). However, the capacity of the business to achieve its goals and objectives depends on different elements in the international business environment.In light of this understanding, a business must consider how the international environment affects its internationalization decisions and its overall goals and objectives. Other factors that influence this decision are the ability to access different markets, resources as well as the need to reduce operating costsOne of the most important approaches to understanding the business environment is conducting a scan. Business environment scanning enables businesses to identify various factors in both environments that can enhance the achievement of their set goals and objectives. This assessment identifies the areas of strength and weaknesses that the business has to keep in check in the course of its operations.Business executives are to ensure that they use the best strategies in identifying various factors in their environment that can affect their operations positively and negatively. Business environment analysis plays an important role in guiding the decision of business executives in their internationalization processes.