Business Description For Students

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The business will identify ways to advertise and promote customers in order to reduce competition and to be known widely. Several pricing strategies will be used to determine the price of different cars depending on size. Sales tactic will be adopted to increase the number of net sales.
Being a sole proprietorship the business will be managed by the owner ,it will also employ other personnel with the required qualification they include. the manager, cashier(accountant ), cleaners and general workers there will be recruitment and training programs for the employees .employees are to be fairly paid for them to be satisfied, incentives will be used in order to motivate the workers ,the business has acquired license, permit, and bylaws to run smoothly without government interruptions. Necessary support service like banks, postal services, insurance and health services are included for easy run
For business to run, various production facilities are to be purchased basing on the size and capacities required. The estimated amount of the machines start the is$ 1.3 million .the scanning machine at the entrance will be unique to ensure safety and attract customers .the, monthly labour in terms of wages and salaries is to be $50000 .the business will have various rules and regulation that will affect the business from running smoothly such as health regulation and operation time
The operation cost for the business is to be$ 27500 and the working capital will total to 56000 the projected cash flow statement for the year shows the total sales for the Year to be $482580 the purchases are 1415000.