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Living a sedentary lifestyle makes us more unhealthy as well, as we are more prone to eating convenience foods that are most always closely related to junk food and therefore deficient in nutritional value. We would be taking part in this effort by organizing two or three skits of short duration that would educate the kids and their caregivers about the risks and outcomes of ignoring the benefits of a balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle. In this connection, we would be printing invitation cards, brochures, program schedules and thank you cards. We are sure that you would want to do your part by agreeing to print out these items free of cost and thereby add to the success of this gala party. Apart from the theatre presentations, we have also added a number of attractions for the kids like a Merry-go-round, Bouncing Castle, Rides, Slides, See-saws, Swings and a Running Track that has been offered free of charge by the owners of a nearby park. We look forward to your taking part in this effort. … There is talk about the last depression and whether we are really out of it, whether the impending debt default and the impasse by the Republicans will create further financial and economic crisis for America, and whether the Obama Administration will manage to ride out these difficult times. Among the various uses of money, nothing is more appreciated than a donation to a good and worthy cause. We at the Save the Children Foundation of the USA are glad that we are saving our children from the menace of obesity and disease. In modern times, it has been found that lack of exercise and the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle coupled with bad food choices has contributed to a rise in diabetes, malnutrition and even heart disease among kids of younger ages. To educate the local community about these risks, we are planning to organize a three day Gala Party for kids and their caregivers that will give them a picture of these diseases of a modern sedentary lifestyle, as well as tell them about the risks and responsibilities that they need to take if they want to avoid a bad fate. We invite you and State Farm Bank to donate towards this worthy cause that will protect the lives of our children and grandchildren. We daresay its one of the best investments you can make in terms of protecting your future customers. If you would like any clarification or more knowledge about the event, please contact me at (405)-345-6787 on any working day. Sincerely, Name of the Student Team Leader, Fund Raising Committee, Save the Children Fund, USA. 3. A Bad News/Refusal Letter Mr. Never Dowell, Splendid Heights, Signature Market Lane, IL 10034, USA. Dear Mr. Dowell, We refer to your recent application for a State Farm Silver